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"Canções e Histórias" - Celele - 26 years!

Singer, songwriter, music therapist, music teacher, actress and writer, Celise Melo (Celelê) has been composing and playing the guitar since she was 7 years old, and at 12 she started giving guitar lessons to children.

She is the daughter of the late music producer Flavio Ferreira de Melo of the former Continental Label. Her mother, Elza Garcia de Melo, has been dressing room director since the beginning of her artistic career.

Since 1986, Celise has been directing and writing music and theater projects for people with disabilities, in which she also has the special participation of her students. She is a member of the Latin Academy (Grammy) and writes the "Music and Art” column for Reação Magazine, specialized in Rehabilitation and Inclusion.

In 1993, she created the character Celelê and began performing educational shows for children. She writes and idealizes all the concerts, books and magazines and the songs for CDs and DVDs. Her songs have been translated in English, Italian, Spanish and French. She has performed in many Brazilian stages and in Italy, in Jerusalem (Israel), Portugal and Spain with public and critical acclaim.

She also ministers courses for educators, lectures on inclusion and works for institutions. Her songs and stories, being part of the curriculum of one of the courses of the University of Arizona (USA), are used as didactic material in books published officially in Brazil.

In the new educational show "Canções e Histórias", the artist and author sings several of her big success compositions and the songs of the CDs "Amizade Sincera" and "Cante o Ano Todo".

The interactive show with Celelê includes stories and educational songs interpreted live, theatrical characters, choreographies, jokes, scenery, effects of light and sound. The main objective is to entertain, educate, appreciate sports and rescue the importance of friendship and childhood.

The "Praticar Esportes" educational book shows the importance of sports to improve our health and quality of life, the games that give us the opportunity to make new friends and meet different people, have a healthy diet, reinforce the positive aspect of competition and all that, without leaving aside learning.  The book also brings the score of the song to stimulate the musical practice.

The CD "Amizade Sincera" features lyrics with themes about friendship, nature, animals, numbers, fruit, sports and the characters of Turminha Celelê. It also includes English and Italian versions of some songs.

The songs presented in the shows are part of the "Amizade Sincera" CD and "Cante o Ano Todo" DVD (Celelê Records -Tratore) and the book "Está na Hora de uma História eu Escutar" (Giostri Editora).

The Educational Program " Canções e Histórias com Celelê e Seus Amigos " is a TV show, on Saturdays at 12:30 pm on TV Guarulhos channel.


"Celelê rescues the good times of children's music." - Okky de Souza - Veja Magazine

"Celelê, two decades of love for children." Dib Carneiro Neto - Crescer Magazine

"The singer Celise Melo launches a book, celebrating the twenty years of the Celelê character and her success on the stage." Tatiane Rosset - Veja Magazine SP

"Celelê's book is a sound adventure that has enchanted children for 20 years." Fernanda Araujo – O Estado de São Paulo – Divirta-se

"The artist and music therapist Celise Melo,  the Celelê, presents the educational show " Canções e Histórias ", with songs from the album" Amizade Sincera. "- O Globo - Rio Show

"Celise Melo, who has given life to Celelê for more than 20 years, has launched a children's educational book and successfully presented shows at the 23rd São Paulo Book Biennial." Renata Ambrósio - Revista Sucesso

"Actress and composer Celise Melo tells good music stories." - Clara Massote – Revista Folha SP

"Bienal 2012 brings together great children's authors, one of the attractions is the show-theater " A Inclusão com Celelê e Amigos. "- Andréa Lemos - Folhinha SP

"Celelê's secret is to make quality music." - Flavia Guerra - O Estado de S.Paulo "With Celelê, the stage becomes a real party." - Janaina Nunes - Diário de S.Paulo

"Since 1993, the artist and author from São Paulo, Celelê has performed successfully with audiences and critics. At the 23rd Bienal, she launched her beautiful educational book by Giostri Editora. "- NP Diário - Paraná

"With a style that rescues the good times of children's music, the multi-artist from São Paulo, Celise Melo, has been enchanting children and adults for 20 years with the funny character Celelê. "- Tribuna do Norte - Natal (RN)

"Children, moms, dads and friends are invited to participate in the unforgettable and playful experience that is the Celelê character and the launch of the beautiful CD Amizade Sincera, in Fortaleza. "- Ticiana de Castro - Diário do Nordeste - Diarinho Fortaleza (CE)  

"For Celise, music is beneficial because it penetrates the human being and is an accessible art style." Alba Damasceno - Sentidos Magazine

“Celelê sostiene che non ci sono limiti per la musica”. “È un` arte miracolosa, capace di trasformare.” Reatech Milano - Italia  

"With free admission, Fnac Oeiras receives a Brazilian educational children's show by the artist and author Celise Melo (Celelê)" - Jornal Mundo Lusíada - Portugal

"The Brazilian artist Celelê presents herself in Oeiras (Portugal), for the children". Jornal da Região - Oeiras, Sintra and Cascais - Portugal


Show:  "Está na Hora de Uma História Eu Escutar"
For Children: 1-8 years old
Time duration:  45 minutes
Vocals and Theatrical Performance: Celise Melo (Celelê) Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Music,
Lyrics and Soundtrack : Celise Melo
Writing, Texts and Characters Creation: Celise Melo
General Direction: Celise Melo
Executive Production: Sueli Monteiro
Backstage and Dressing Room Direction: Elza G.  Melo
Production assistants: Marisa Cortello e Lourdes Vieira
Art Direction: Patrícia Chammas
Photos: Sergio Wata and Patricia Chammas
Pedagogical Consultant: Solange Leme de Oliveira

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