Launch of the Braille Book "Pato Holandês"
C.F.Melo Produções - Editora Essencial

Pato Holandês  and Macaco Simão are cheerful friends and  are always talking and telling funny stories that take place in the jungle, with ferocious and tame animals.

The Braille Book also has augmented lyrics for people with low vision and accompanies a CD with audio of the story and music.

On sale:

"Livraria da Vila" at Shopping Paulista in São Paulo.

Celelê Production:
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EP "Celelê Latino"

The album is now available on major streaming platforms and download and digital stores around the world.

 The EP Celelê Latino (Celelê Records/Tratore) contains unreleased songs by Celise Melo (Celelê) in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, aimed at young people and adults.

Celelê, has the participation of music therapy students in the song "Olhos do Coração", theme of the "Celelê-Africa-Brazil Campaign".  

Download and Streaming: Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube Music, Google Play, Napster, Tidal among other platforms and digital stores!

On YouTube: Educational Videos: celeleeamigos and Inclusion:  Celelê Music Therapy-Inclusion.

Tratore, Shopping UOL

Link of the Digital Platforms of the EP "Celelê Latino"!

Educational DVD  "Videoclipes da Celelê"

The new educational DVD "Celelê's Music Videos" contains educational songs, fun characters,
excerpts from live shows and songs in English, Italian and Spanish that show the importance of the universe, friendship and goodness, inclusion, the value of nature, among other subjects.

The main goals are to entertain and educate. In the Extras, there are photos and lyrics of songs to sing and dance. 

where to find the DVD "Videoclipes da Celelê": Distribuidora Tratore

Celelê Educational Products at Tratore, Shopping Uol, Spotify, Americanas

Book Release
"Os Amigos na Selva Divertida"
Celise Melo (Celelê)

The educational book "Os Amigos na Selva Divertida" part of  the series "As Histórias da Celelê" illustrates the importance of friendship, balance and respect among animals and their respectful relation with nature where Good always wins. This amusing adventure also brings the witch Mavel who tries to put her spells on all the characters. The book also includes musical notations in order to encourage musical practice. Giostri Editora

Check where to find the book  "Os Amigos na Selva Divertida"
Giostri Editora, Saraiva,  Livraria da Travessa,  Americanas,  Submarino

Release CD "Hits da Celelê" – Celise Melo - 2018

The CD "Hits da Celelê" includes new educational and inclusion songs, such as  Igual a Você, Estrelas e Planetas, Vida tão Linda, Good Morning Good Afternoon, I'm Like You, Buongiorno Buonasera and the hits Bruxa Mavel, Sementinha, Praticar Esportes, among others.
This CD was released to commemorate the 25 years of the character Celelê. Tratore/Celelê Records. 
Check where to find the CD "Hits da Celelê": Tratore,  Americanas,  Submarino,  Pops


Book: "´Praticar Esportes" - Celelê

The educational book "Praticar Esportes" by Celise Melo (Celelê) is for children, parents and educators. It shows the importance of sports to improve our health and quality of life, the games that give us the opportunity to make new friends and meet different people, to have a healthy diet, the positive aspect of competing and all that,  without leaving aside school. The book also brings scores to encourage musical practice. Giostri Editora.

CD "Amizade Sincera"
CD Amizade Sincera
CD "Amizade Sincera" by the singer and author Celise Melo, that will be released to comemmorate the 22 years of character Celelê, has educational lyrics emphasizing friendship, nature, animals, numbers, fruit, sports and characters of Turminha Celelê, such as the witch Mavel, the doll Izi, the Robô and hits such as “O Cachorro”, “Sementinha” and “Meu Banho”.  It also includes versions in English and Italian of several songs. 

Educational Book Esta na Hora de uma Historia eu Escutar
New Educational Book
"Está na Hora de uma História eu Escutar"
Publisher: Giostri Editora

DVD Esta na Hora de Uma Historia Eu Escutar nr 1
"Está na Hora de Uma História Eu Escutar" nº 1

English Version
Good Morning, Good Afternoon!

Listen to short versions of the songs on Celelê´s player,
learn the lyrics and sing in the show!!!

DVD  "Está na Hora de Uma História Eu Escutar" nbr. 1
CD "Cante o Ano Todo"

CD Cante o Ano Todo

CD: "Cante o Ano Todo"

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1. Vogais  (2:48)
2. Bom dia, Boa Tarde (2:29)
3. Pato Holandês e Seus Amigos (3:23)
4. Viva seu Aniversário (2:06)
5. Carnaval (2:08)
6. Coelho de Algodão (2:58)
7. Canção dos Índios (3:25)
8. Flor da Mamãe (2:12)
9. Festa dos Caipiras (4:13)
10. Lindas Histórias da Vovó (3:22)
11. Dia do Papai (2:12)
12. Aonde está o Saci? (2:00)
13. Criança Colorida (2:48)
14. O Natal Chegou (2:19)


Listen to the music "Praticar Esportes" by Celelê

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