“Celelê e Amigos” 
by Okky de Souza - Veja Magazine

"The best news for parents with children, including those ones who have disabled children or take care of them professionally, is that Celise Melo is releasing the CD "Cante o Ano Todo" and the new Show, DVD and book "Está na Hora de Uma Historia eu Escutar". The singer, songwriter, actress, music therapist and music teacher from São Paulo, who for two decades delights the kids with an educational and exciting show, always crowded,  whose artistic name is "Celelê" now appears as "Celelê and Friends".

"I witnessed her delighting the audience at the first hearing and rescues the good times in music. I'm sure it helps to make my children, the teens and the children from Brazil, better people".

Okky de Souza - Veja Magazine

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