“The Importance of Music "
Art, relax and enthusiasm !

“Songs can transform our emotional state and help us to live with more enthusiasm. Music has the power to soothe and cheer, to comfort and often inspire and make you think. It is scientifically proven that the sounds reach the region of the brain responsible for feelings, motivation and affectivity," explains music therapist Celise Melo (Celelê). " Sounds have a powerful influence on emotions and are able to arouse from calm and happiness to confusion and disturbance”.

Music therapy helps the development a lot, because it stimulates attention, speech, hearing and sense of rhythm, coordination, memorization, in this way encouraging learning, creativity and sociability. Communication through the sounds is essential for humans, and even before birth,  music is extremely beneficial for the fetus and the mother soothing both the mother and the baby at childbirth.

Celise works with people with disabilities since 1986  at the "Centro de Vivência Evolução" in São Paulo, and for more than 15 year has been helping people with  autism, childhood psychosis and mental disabilities, achieving extraordinary results.

In 1990 she began teaching Daniella Lamin, carrier of Down Syndrome, and since then her development has been steady. Daniella sings, plays guitar, dances, works and has a great social life.

In music lessons given to Yolanda Cattony, who has partial visual impairment, Celelê helped the student to develop her vocal and theatrical abilities.

Since 2010, she has worked in the project "music and theater" at "ADID" which is an association for the integral development of the Down carriers and the results are fantastic.

The hymns of such institutions  were specially composed by her as well other songs for disabled.

Acting also as a composer, singer, actress and director in the children's show "Celelê and Friends" with the duet "Celelê and Talili" her songs delight the children. The children sing, dance, play and leave amazed.

Celelê says : "I try to communicate through educational lyrics and games, positive notions about life, friendship, hygiene, the importance of a good environment  and the children assimilate all interactively and joyful."

"To Celise, the music is a benefit because it penetrates the human being and it is an accessible style of art ."
Alba Damasceno - Directions Magazine "

The singer-songwriter Celelê counts on the benefits of music working with people with disabilities, and in 2012 celebrates her 19-year career."
Maria Luiza Araujo - Reação Magazine

"Celelê  endorses that there are no limits to the power of music. "It is a miraculous art, capable of transforming." Based on this statement she works in a musical project for developping the disabled".
Diandra Renesto - Saraiva Conteúdo

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