Entertaining children since 1993!  


1. "Canções e Histórias" - CD "Amizade Sincera"

2. "Está na Hora de Uma História Eu Escutar" - Educational Book

3. "Cantando com Celelê e Amigos"

4. "A Inclusão com Celelê e Convidados"

Creation and Artistic Director (lyrics, characters and music): Celise Melo
Pedagogical Coordinator: Solange Leme de Oliveira


Photos: Patricia Chammas

"Coelho de Algodão",
"Meu Banho",
are some of the songs in the show! Learn the lyrics and
sing with Celelê.





TV Educational Program
 "Songs and Tales with Celelê and Friends"
Saturdays at 12:30 on TV Guarulhos channel 03 Net
site www.tvguarulhos3.com.br 
TV Guarulhos

Celelê in Portugal!   
“Canções e Histórias with Celelê and characters”
Book Release “Praticar Esportes” and CD "Amizade Sincera"   Sunday, June 25, at 4 pm
Fnac Oeiras - Portugal  

Watch Celelê´s video in Italy and Israel

Show-Conference "L’importanza della Musica"
by Celise Melo (Celelê)
with Italian versions of her songs and Lecture on Inclusion
  Reatech Itália
Web site: Reatech Italia
Shows in October and November in Milan, Assisi, Cascia and Rome

Educational Show “Songs and Stories with Celelê and her characters”
Book release “Praticar Esportes” – Celelê 24 years!  
Saturday, May 27, 2017, at 4pm
Fnac Morumbi (auditório Fran's Café) Piso lazer - Morumbi Shopping 

Show "Canções e Histórias with Celelê and the rabbit Algodão"
During april 2017 
Special Shows in São Paulo and state of São Paulo
Songs CDs "Cante o Ano Todo and Amizade Sincera" (Celelê Records - Tratore)

Holidays Educational Show!
Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 4pm
Auditório Livraria da Vila,  Jardins – São Paulo
Free admission

Show "Songs and Stories"
Saturday, November 26 2016 at 4pm
Livraria da Vila - Shopping Maia - Guarulhos - SP

Celelê at the 2016 International Book Fair of São Paulo
Anhembi - São Paulo   
Book Release "Praticar Esportes" (Giostri Editora)   
From August 26 through September 4
Educational and Inclusion products
Celelê Stand - Music L 077  
Shows September 2, Friday at 3pm and September 4, Sunday at 3pm -  Livraria Leitura Stand G 051

Stand "Celelê e Amigos" from 9 through 12 April 
Show "A Inclusão com Celelê e Convidados"
Sunday, April 12 at 3:30 pm  
Reatech Fair (rehab and inclusion) 
Expo Exhibition & Convention Center -  SP 

Celelê at  the 23rd. International Book Fair of São Paulo  
Stand G 799 - Travessa Literária Celelê
Music / Educational and Inclusion Products
 22 through 31 August  2014 - Anhembi
Monday to Friday: from 9am to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: from 10am to 10pm

Pocket Show  "Está na Hora de Uma História Eu Escutar" 
Stand SinBiesp , Rua O nº 301
Tuesday, August 26, and Friday, August 29 at 3pm 


Video "Good Morning, Good Afternoon"

Video: Educational Song "Criança Colorida"  


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