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Date: 11/29/2018
City: Cascais - Portugal
We were very happy to meet in Cascais the Brazilian artist Celelê, who develops a valuable educational and cultural work. Ana Santos and Family   

Date: 10/14/2018
City: Maceió (AL)
I was very pleased to meet Celelê here in Maceió and win her DVD as a gift to my little daughter. Thank you.
Sheila Nobre

Date: 10/12/2018
City: São Paulo (SP) 
Celelê you are fantastic. Your original work exports joy to the world. Congratulations, Brazil thanks you.
Edson Natale  

Date: 10/09/2018
City: São Paulo (SP)
Congratulations to the great artist and teacher Celise Melo the famous Celelê. I have already seen some
wonderful photos of your shows in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Israel. Success!
Graça Neves

Date: 10/04/2018
City: São Paulo (SP)  
Congratulations my dear Celelê who achieved a big success with her beautiful shows in Portugal and Spain.
You deserve all the success in the world. A big hug,  Neide B. Santos

Date: 09/05/2018
City: São Paulo (SP)
We love Celelê. She is amazing. I and my family suggested her shows to our friends and everybody who
has children. You also are going to love it. Good luck in your trip to Europe. Kisses from Mônica Carvalho
and Family. 

Date: 08/12/2018
City: São  Paulo (SP)
I am a Celelê fan since I was a kid and I loved to meet her again at the Bienal Internacional do Livro in Anhembi. Nowadays, I am a mother and it was very touching  to be photographed together with Celelê and my daughter.
Kisses  Priscila Dolher  

Date: 06/03/2018
City:  Piracicaba (SP)   
I and the Director of the school where my son studies were delighted with Celelê´s beautiful work.
Come back more often to Piracicaba.  Rafaela Santos   

Date: 05/13/2018
City:  Campinas (SP)    
We were very pleased to meet and attend Celelê´s excelent show in Campinas.
Laura and Luiz Claudio Simões

Date: 04/02/2018  
City: São Paulo (SP)
I miss the time when my daughter was still a kid and I used to take her to Celelê's shows. It has always been
very entertaining.  Nadia Vale 

Date: 03/25/2018
City: São Bernardo do Campo (SP)
Celelê´s books, CDs and DVDs are very good and educational. Children love them and we, the teachers,
use them in our classrooms as a supplement to their learning. Congratulations. Ana Marcia Gomes   

Date: 01/29/2018
City: São Paulo (SP)
We wish you a wonderful year and a lot of sucess, Celelê, your work is very valuable. Rafael, Cássia and Renatinha Soares


* Celelê´s Illustration: Titina Corso

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