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Name: Letícia Alves
City: Recife (PE)   
Celelê you are awesome. Thank you very much for your show at our school N.S.Penha. It was very cool. I and my friends loved it. Send my regards to your mother.

Name: Alexandra Sturiale
City: Recife (PE)
We were pleased and honoured with the presence of the great artist Celele in our school. The children, teachers and employees loved your wonderful and educational show. We wish you sucess!

Name: Marineide Carla
City: Ipojuca (PE)
We loved your beautiful songs, your characters and your show. We have been watching your beautiful TV show. 

Name: Hilda Shirata
City: Sorocaba (SP) 
Congratulations to Revista Paulista for the article on Celelê, this wonderful artist who takes through her characters, entertainment, education and culture, inclusion to our children.  

Name: Marcelo e equipe Santa Clara
City: Ilhéus (BA)
The children and youngsters in our community always sing and play your music. They always refer to your
show which impressed each one of us. Thank you very much!

Name: Marta Elaine Rocha
City: Porto Seguro (BA)
Celelê you are awesome. We heard of your success in Portugal, Italy and Israel.  I am a teacher and always use your educational material in the classroom. I have also read some very good articles about your work and I think you deserve even more sucess here and abroad.

 10/28/ 2017
Name: Marina Domine
City: Guarulhos (SP)
Celelê your work is very good and you are an enlightened person!

Name: Tainara Fernandina
City: Natal (RN)
We listen everyday your beatiful CD Amizade Sincera e we have already bought your book Praticar Esportes. We always recall your cool show here in Natal. We wish you came more often to our city.

Name: Patrícia Ferreira
City: São Paulo
Congratulations to the great artist Celelê for her shows in Portugal. A big kiss from Patricia.

Name: Maria Cristina Galassi
City: Guarulhos, SP-   
Dear Celelê, we have been following your work for some years and currently I and my grandchildren love your program on TV  Guarulhos Net canal 03 and online. Congratulations and success in your new challenge. Kisses from Cristina and family.

Name: Flávia Lago
City: Campinas, SP 
A very entertainining TV show with a simple and educational content! Congratulations!

Name: Renato Campos Bistafa
City: São Paulo
Celise, my dear Celelê, my first teacher of musictherapy. I love and know by heart all your songs. It is worthwhile
to check this beautiful educational work. Congratulations. 

Name: Neide Maria Sergio
City: São Paulo
Congratulations for your beautiful work. You, Celelê, are a great person. I love you. 

Name: Marcilia do Jorginho 
City: Juquitiba (SP)
Congratulations. God bless you for your work and the good person you are!!! Your dedication to the children and special people, touches us!!!

Name: Lucimara Bassi
City: São Paulo
Your show goes on being so uptodate as 15 years ago when I used to watch with my daughters. I loved it!!!

Name: Nadia Vale
City: São Lourenço da Serra (SP) 
Celelê, I have been following your work for years and I like it very much. i tried to speak to you during the latest ma Bienal do Livro in Anhembi but you were being interviewed.

Name: Fatima Fasanelli 
City: São Paulo
Congratulations for your beautiful work. God bless you. 

Name: Lucienide Ferreia Poli
City:  Valinhos (SP)
Hi Celelê. I was pleased to meet you. I knew your work, specially the song Sementinha which is part of the show to our children in your school in Valinhos (SP). It was very special the show on the environment. Everybody loved it.

Name: Rachel Pinheiro Cattony
City: São Paulo
You deserve the best...a lot of success and happiness everyday... Kiss

 01/02/ 2017
Name: Thekka Forte
City: São Paulo
I wish you a lot of success, and God bless you and may your wishes come true. Happy 2017.

 12/18/ 2016
Name:Anecleide Lima
City: Fortaleza (CE)  
Your show Celelê at Shopping Iguatemi was great. Come back soon to Fortaleza. We also watch you at TV Globo. Congratulations. 

Name: Camile Tranisnky
City: Campo Mourão (PR)
Hello dear Celelê, We loved to see you in Campo Mourão. I and my family hope to see you soon again. Kisses

Name: Antonina Souza Ferreira
City: São Paulo, SP
Congratulations to Celelê"show. A very educational one.

Name: Marlene Silvero
City: São Bernardo do Campo,  SP
Celelê, I and my daughter are your fans, I love the quality of your work. Wonderful music. Congratulations and success.

Name: Neto Barroso
City: São Paulo, SP
My kids loved it and also I and my wife. Congratulations, Celelê. The songs and the video are cool.

Name: Marcia Vicentini
City: São Paulo, SP
As a mother and a teacher I am relieved and happy for such a beautiful, complete  and educational material for children. 

Name:  Nilza Baroli
City: São Caetano do Sul, SP
It is very good to see and listen such sweet songs with good quality for children and grown-ups. Teaching children using as a tool their own language expression is priceless. Thank you and congratulations for the wonderful job.


* Celelê´s Illustration: Titina Corso

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