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The new educational book "Practicing Sports" by Celise Melo (Celelê) is for children, parents and educators. It shows the importance of sports to improve our health and quality of life, the games that give us the opportunity to make new friends and meet different people, to have a healthy diet, the positive aspect of competing and all that,  without leaving aside school. The book also brings the scores to stimulate music practice. Giostri Editora.

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CD "Amizade Sincera"

CD "Amizade Sincera" by the singer and author Celise Melo, that will be released to comemmorate the 22 years of character Celelê, has educational lyrics emphasizing friendship, nature, animals, numbers, fruit, sports and characters of Turminha Celelê, such as the witch Mavel, the doll Izi, the Robô and hits such as “O Cachorro”, “Sementinha” and “Meu Banho”.  It also includes versions in English and Italian of several songs. 

New Educational Book
"Está na Hora de uma História eu Escutar"
Publisher: Giostri Editora

"Está na Hora de Uma História Eu Escutar" nº 1

English Version
Good Morning, Good Afternoon!

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DVD  "Está na Hora de Uma História Eu Escutar" nbr. 1
CD "Cante o Ano Todo"

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CD: "Cante o Ano Todo"

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1. Vogais  (2:48)
2. Bom dia, Boa Tarde (2:29)
3. Pato Holandês e Seus Amigos (3:23)
4. Viva seu Aniversário (2:06)
5. Carnaval (2:08)
6. Coelho de Algodão (2:58)
7. Canção dos Índios (3:25)
8. Flor da Mamãe (2:12)
9. Festa dos Caipiras (4:13)
10. Lindas Histórias da Vovó (3:22)
11. Dia do Papai (2:12)
12. Aonde está o Saci? (2:00)
13. Criança Colorida (2:48)
14. O Natal Chegou (2:19)


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